Nigerians react to the price of the new Super Eagles jersey that

The highly anticipated Nigeria World Cup Jersey for the Super Eagles is set to be officially released this week and according to reports, it’ll be sold for $85 (#30,600).


The new jersey was unveiled a few months back in London by the Nigerian Football Federation and Nike.


See how Nigerians are reacting to the proposed price of the jersey below…

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The highly anticipated Nigeria World Cup Jersey to be officially released this week for $85 🇳🇬

Steven Marvèl@AkposMarvel

Minimum Wage N18,000. Nigerian Jersey N41,000 so how are we going to support the Super Eagles when the price of the Jersey is higher than minimum wage.


Considering the price of the new Super Eagles jersey, it seems smarter to cop the original 1994 one that’s been going around and claim nostalgia value tbh.


Super eagles jersey price high pass minimum wage. 😭😭

Wale Adetona


Nigerians when they hear the price of the unreleased Super Eagles Nike jersey:


A 41k price point for a Super Eagles jersey shows clearly why we would never have lucrative kit deals for our National teams. At that price, uptake will be be extremely poor & NFF will not have leverage when negotiating. The biggest winners in this are the guys making knock offs.

Lord of the Memes & Mischief ⚽@dejazimako007

Nike delayed release date of the authentic Super Eagles till now.
Now slapped price tag of N41,000 naira on it

Money my Aba brothers will use and sew the jersey for all the countries coming for the World Cup plus captaincy band join 😂😂😅😅


Price of the new Super eagles jersey is 40k 😂😂😂

lemme just watch world cup abeg

i got couple of green and white clothes i can wear wen Nigeria is playing

A N I N I@khay_cee

Super Eagles jersey that I’m seeing upandan with ₦750 price tag and someone’s asking if I can purchase the original jersey for 41k 😂😂.

I laugh in Aba.


Just told my friend the price of Nigeria super eagles world cup jersey and he said “per one”.. if you know you know

And this is his expression afterwards

Ifreke Inyang@Ifreke

So, Nike delayed releasing the original Super Eagles until now. And then it’s going for N41,000. Forty one thousand naira! Odiegwu.


It’s totally absurd and disgusting that many Nigerians would foolishly buy the “SUPER EAGLES” new World Cup Jersey @ N41,000 and be proud to post and showcase it on social media whereas the Country’s minimum wage is twice the selling price. This nation is nothing but a

9ja Shin-Fu ™🇳🇬@Vickky01dboss

Super eagles jersey for N41, 000?

You can imagine ordinary jersey competing price with the suit of the Black panther of wakanda mtcheew…

NIKE better install invisibility and flight power in that jersey oo.

Wole Opatola@WoleOpatola

Nike releases authentic Super Eagles Jerseys to global markets on May 29th. Unit price is $85 per Jersey.