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Long hair don’t care! Justin Bieber’s fans better get used to long locks on the singer because he’s vowing to grow his hair all the way down to his toes. We’ve got the wild pics.

Justin Bieber is going to be saving a lot on barber’s bills as he hasn’t had a haircut in ages and doesn’t plan to for the long-term future. He’s not saying sorry about his longer locks and is growing is glorious mane all the way down to his toes. In an Instagram stories pic on May 28, the “Friends” singer shared a selfie showing his current hair which is down past his ears already and wrote “I’m going to grow my hair down to my toes.” Nice! He’s been growing it out for quite some time now and apparently he will be doing so for years to come.

In another pic he showed off his progress so far, using a pencil graphic to show off where his current hair lies. He wrote “Long hair don’t care and my stache is gorgeous,” showing that his mane is all the way down past his cheeks and that he’s loving his facial hair as well.  The 24-year-old was kind of late to the game in being able to grow out stubble so no wonder he’s loving showing it off.


Justin’s hair has always been one of his trademarks, as when he rocketed to fame as a teen he had the swept over side ‘do that would always fall onto his face. Over the years his hair has been a constant state of evolution after his bubblegum “Baby” days with that signature hairstyle that garnered him a legion of Beliebers back in 2009 when he broke big. He kept it relatively short in the years since but got light blonde dreadlocks by the time he started his Purpose world tour in March of 2016 after seeing a fellow snowboarder with the look and wanting the same. Just a month later, he shockingly chopped it all off after a Washington D.C. tour stop, going with a total buzzcut in late April of that year. He kept it short for most of the following year and started growing it out once he left the road. Now fans can imagine running their hands through his long, luscious locks!