Here’s the moment Robbie Williams gave the world a middle finger during the opening ceremony in Russia


English singer and songwriter, Robbie Williams performed at the World Cup opening ceremony in Russia a few minutes ago.


During his performance, he randomly gave ‘the world’ the middle finger and its sparking hilarious reactions on social media.


The World Cup Opening Ceremony was viewed by an estimated one billion people!

Red Blooded Kiki@SilverSong1892

Robbie Williams just showed his middle finger right in front of the camera. Right, this World Cup is absolutely gonna be lit af.

Luis Paez-Pumar


Turned on FOX just in time to see Robbie Williams give the middle finger to be worldwide audience. God, I love the World Cup.

Dangerous Attack Bet@dangerousattack

Yes. Robbie Williams did just stick his middle finger up at billions of people watching around the world. 😂


Robbie Williams is such a melt showing his middle finger! 😭


Can’t believe Robbie Williams stuck his middle finger up at millions of people watching the World Cup, can you even be arsed 😭😂


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