Tips On How to Lose Weight

Top 18 weight-loss tips
Are you ready? Here we go.
Start at the top of the list (most important) and go down as far as you need.  Perhaps you only need the first piece of advice?
  1. Choose a low-carb diet
  2. Eat when hungry
  3. Eat real food
  4. Eat only when hungry
  5. Measure your progress wisely
  6. Be persistent
  7. Avoid fruit
  8. Avoid beer
  9. Avoid artificial sweeteners
  10. Review any medications
  11. Stress less, sleep more
  12. Eat less of dairy products and nuts
  13. Supplement vitamins and minerals
  14. Use intermittent fasting
  15. Exercise wisely
  16. Achieve optimal ketosis
  17. Get your hormones checked
  18. Consider weight-loss pills (if desperate

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