Most Affordable Accredited Private University in Africa .

Km 5, Ajebo Road ,Abeokuta, Ogun State , Nigeria.



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Ife – 07011857425


Chrisland Millenium University .

Ever wondered what it will be like to attend a private and comfortable private university with the best facilities money can buy all at an incredible affordable rate ? look no further cause Chrisland University is here.

    Chrisland Millenium University is a total university that factors all ther is that is necessary for any student to learn from the environment to its well trained staff and its friendly , sociable and comfortable atmosphere. The school environment is one of the neatest in Africa.

With various lecture rooms of great carrying capacity , the university is well suited to make each and every student comfortable while learning. Let’s not forget that a good environment facilitates learning and comprehension of what is to be taught .The school can boast of an impressive student to teacher ratio of 5:1 L


  The school is equipped with different well stocked laboratories such as; Computer lab,Biology lab, Physics lab , Chemistry lab, Biochemistry lab, Microbiology lab and even a Psychology lab . Each lab is well equipped with state of the art facilities and they are each taken care of by trained personnel. Being in any of our labs will give any one an impression of being out of the country.


A Standard library that is managed by a Chief Librarian and well educated, organised library personnel’s is run and maintained in the school. They run a standard academic library that is well stocked with different books that cut across diverse subjects and fields . The environment created by the librarians is an environment that keeps you coming back and wanting more .A single catalogue is run using OPAC{Online Public Access Catalogue}.The books in the library can be borrowed with the issuance of a library card. The atmosphere in the library is one you can’t get enough of.


The students can apply for an exeat to go out of the school and the school provides a bus to take the students out with a chaperone. A Student Affair Officer is in charge of the exaets and proper documentation of the students whereabouts is kept so as to ensure the safety of the students.


Male and Female hostels are avalaible and they are beautifully furnished. The school provides a very comfortable room in the hostel . Each room is built and designed to accommodate 2 individuals with an en suite bathroom . The room is furnished with wardrobes, shelves, tables and chairs. A bed with mattress and pillow are already provided . The bathroom is big with shower and tap . It also has a water heater to increase the level of comfort of the students. Each room has it’s own varenda. The environment of the hostel is very neat and quiet and conducive.


The students in the school also organizes study group sessions to help themsleves to be focused on their studies as a university education is quite different from that of a secondary school education as a university requires constant learning and not relaxing in the area of your studies.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy . This is a saying that we here at CMU take into consideration . The students are all encouraged to engage in one or more sporting activities on the school various courts such as; basketball, lawn tennis, badminton , soccer e.t.c.Each sporting activity has its team captains who lead the players in friendly matches against competitors. A coach is around to see to order and respect on the field of play .


Also the school has a lot of clubs ; academic and non-academic. Such as the dance club, drama club,computer club,debate club and many others. Each club represents the school in competitions and entertain the school community at our weekly gatherings. Just last year the debate club added a laurel to the school name by coming out the best at Obasanjos’ annual event .


On Saturday’s the school organizes game night when all the students can engage in friendly indoor games . It doesnt stop there as the students participate in karaoke on Sundays. Also there is a general movie night during the weekend.


Let’s not forget that all these activities can not be carried out on an empty stomach . So the school provides nutritious and wholesome meals in the cafeteria where you can purchase suitable meals from an inexhaustible menu. Also to satisfy junk cravings the school has a tuck ship where snacks and daily basic necessities van be purchased.Some special choices such as shawarma is made avalaible .


Hairdressers and hair stylists are also available in the school to give the students chic and beautiful hairstyles that will make you look smart and breathtaking. The shops also posses varieties of materials for different and suitable hairdo . The speed at which any hair do is completed is quite commendable as you come out of the salon looking breathtaking.


Carnivals and festivals are also organised in the school community. During this time the school invites pasteries such as Dominoes and ice cream palors like Cold stone to add to the flair of the event . Some of these festivlas take place in form of BBQ hangouts.


At the apex of all this is the founder of the institution , Mrs. Winifred Awosika,the wonderful Vice Chancellor , Professor Mrs. Peace Chinedum Babalola ,the supporting board of trustees and the entire management staff. Without them none of what the school is will be possible.


The tuition/school fees of Chrisland University is between the range of N535,000 to N560,000 for returning students while the one for freshers is between the range of N635,000 to N660,000.


Don’t miss put on this chance .This is a school of this century and the next so hurry and don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the present and the future because the future can’t be built without a cosciousness of the future.


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