Over 40 migrants found alive in refrigerated truck – Greek Police


Over 40 migrants have been found hiding inside a refrigerated truck as confirmed by the police in northern Greece.


The migrants who are reportedly from Afghanistan were found hiding in the truck on Monday November 4, after officers carried out a routine check on the truck which was travelling on a section of motorway near the town of Xanthi.


The migrants suffered no harm inside the truck as the refrigeration system was not turned on. While the police said at least 41 migrants were found in the truck, some politicians said the number was higher.


“The truck contained men and boys. Identifying their nationality will require a couple of days,” a police source told AFP.


The driver who was arrested, was transported to a local police station alongside the migrants to be identified.


This is coming after 39 people all believed to be Vietnamese nationals, were found dead in a refrigerated truck in UK last month.

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