Premier League release statement on why Tottenham’s Son was sent off after Andre Gomes’ horror ankle injury


The English premier league have been forced to release a statement explaining why Tottenham midfielder Heung Son- Min was red carded following his challenge on Everton midfielder Andre Gomes that left the player’s ankle twisted and needing immediate surgery to fix the leg.


Remember on Sunday, Andre Gomes suffered a nasty ankle injury after being challenged by Son in Everton’s match with Tottenham.

Premier League release statement on why Tottenham


Following outcry from football fans on social media, defending Son and claiming he didn’t even deserve a yellow card for the incident, the EPL has now released a statement stating why Son was red carded.


Son looked set to be cautioned for the challenge after referee Mat Atkinson pulled out a yellow card but it was controversially upgraded to a red by the referee after he saw the sickening nature of the injury .


A Premier League statement released on it’s official website reads:

“The red card for Son was for endangering the safety of a player which happened as a consequence of his initial challenge”


Son’s team-mate Dele Alli admits Son was “devastated” in the dressing room.

“I didn’t want to look too much at what happened. All I can do is send my best wishes and wish him a quick recovery,” he said.

“Son is devastated and in tears. It’s not his fault. Son is one of nicest people you would want to meet. He can’t even lift his head up, he’s crying so much.

“The injury does play on your mind but you have to stay professional. We switched off for a second and they scored.”


Gomes has been successfully operated on and has begun his recovery process.


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