Kogi State Deputy Governor Edward Onoja, mocks Wada, tells PDP Youths to join APC (Video)


Edward Onoja, the Kogi state deputy governor has asked PDP youths to stop enslaving themselves to Ibrahim Idris and Wada family of Kogi.


In a video he released, Onoja said it’s time for the PDP youths to wake up and learn from APC who ressule power from older politicians.


” If you look at the APC people in Kogi government, we are all young men. Can’t PDP youths think like this? Must they be slaves to the Wadas or Idris?”


The former Chief of staff to the governor added that Kogi state must not become another Kwara where political position rotates within a family.


He urged all youths in the state to vote and return Governor Yahaya Bello for another 4 year term to consolidate on his New Direction movement .


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