Beauty has been a puzzle which I have been trying hard to figure!
Beauty is every lady’s watchword!
She wants everyone to recognise her BEAUTY
A great physique with a pretty fine face which draws attention, but deep inside cold and unfriendly ••••
And I wonder if that’s worth been called BEAUTY?

IN the quest for knowledge; I thought beauty was mere outward adornment;
One wearing golds, arranging the hair and with a good dressing sense!
Been mindful of their physical appearance with great physique gives her the name!
Which is the society validation of BEAUTY! Most ladies has failed to accept themselves for who they really are! This has left alot of chaos in the true definition of beauty!

A little while, my orientation about BEAUTY took a new dimension!

How someone look is less important than their CHARACTER!

The great physique truly attracts people but what keeps them in your life?

BEAUTY is the flow of how much you have invested in YOU!
AND this is what attracts others and also keep them!
Character building should be every lady’s goal!
What you have in the inside earns you respect!!
*Clothing doesn’t make a woman, it only reflects the lady within••••••

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